Pensacola Beach FL Parasailing is Awesome!

Experience Pensacola Beach like never before when Parasailing Excursion. Parasailing involves parachuting from a specialized boat over the water. The sport has been around for several years, but it's been getting more popular in the past couple years. All companies that offer parasailing are licensed and insured with the most trained captains to keep you safe. Book a parasailing adventure today when visiting Pensacola. There are many more Things to do in Pensacola, Fl, check out for a full list.

Parasailing in Pensacola, FL is Safe & Exciting!

pensacola, fl parasailingParasailing has been offered in Pensacola for several years. Over those years, there has been many advances in the safety of the sport that allows customers to safely land and take off right from the boat. Most customers will ride together as the parachutes can typically accommodate up to 3 if weight permits. The rides are typically very smooth and there is a lot of cool stuff to see from above. If you're lucky, you may encounter a friendly bird or dolphins swimming below. Most parasailing companies are located on Pensacola Beach and they are always visible from the beach (the boats stay close to shore). There are only a couple companies that offer parasailing in Pensacola so it might be better to go to Destin for parasailing as well. For the best pricing on parasailing in Pensacola, it's best to check out Pensacola Beach Parasail at as they are always running great deals.

Parasailing Reviews from

Had a Great Time Parasailing
"This was my first time. There were some problems with scheduling and weather issues, but the employees were very nice and very accommodating. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely do it again and THANK YOU Trip Shock."
Roxy Godwin - Atlanta, GA

Powerfully Fun!
"Never had para sailed before. Was wonderful. Impressed with crew and time for money. Much better deal than skydiving."
Mary Ann Obrien - Owensboro, KY

New Boat & Nice Stuff
" We were one of the first groups to parasail with XTREME. We enjoyed our trip and hope to do it again soon. We were even able to see sharks below."
Adam Lyndsey - Birmingham, AL